Cosmetic dentistry

Welcome to our new dentist, Faye!

We are delighted to announce that Faye Holleworth will be offering general dentistry on Fridays from July 2024. So contact us now while we have new appointments available.

Teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry involves a range of techniques designed to straighten misshapen teeth, Teeth whitening to provide a brighter smile, or provide greater symmetry. It can involve the restoration of chips, cracks, broken or missing teeth.

A beautiful smile has the ability to dramatically change how you look and feel. Cosmetic dentistry can often improve the way your smile looks on the outside. A rejuvenated smile has the power to improve the way you feel on the inside.

Modern cosmetic dentistry can give an individual, who may currently struggle with their smile, the confidence to smile openly and feel good about it.


“I have been a patient at Rycote House Dental Practice for several years and would highly recommend Nick and his charming team, not only for their excellent patient care and expertise, but also for the extremely friendly and efficient service.”

Dr. L. T. (St. Albans & Spain)
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