One visit dentistry

Welcome to our new dentist, Faye!

We are delighted to announce that Faye Holleworth will be offering general dentistry on Fridays from July 2024. So contact us now while we have new appointments available.

Same day crowns and veneers

If you need treatment such as veneers, a crown, or bridgework, we are able to use a camera to digitally capture the treated area with our CEREC Omnicam.

We re-create the area as a computer generated 3D model and design the restoration using specialised software. The precision design is then milled on site from a small ceramic block and the completed restoration is then fitted.

Using this technique enables us to fit your final aesthetic restoration in a single session. We no longer need to use less accurate and cumbersome impression materials to record your jaws.

This also means that we do not need a second “fitting” appointment, or to numb the area up twice, or even place “temporary” restorations in the mouth while waiting for a laboratory to manufacture the restoration.

Scan in seconds
Computer generated 3D model
Milled from a ceramic block
Precision milled restoration
Fitted in one visit

Treatment with CEREC is just as long-lasting as the traditional method, easier, more accurate and can be completed in a single visit.

We think CEREC makes life more “patient-friendly”

CEREC Omnicam Scanner
CEREC AC acquisition unit
CEREC MC XL milling machine
Precision milled ceramic block

CEREC technology

At Rycote Dental Practice we understand that your time is valuable, which is why we have invested in 3D CEREC technology.

CEREC combines adhesive bonding techniques with immediate, on-site production of ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. The result is bio-compatible, natural-looking, ceramic restorations in a single treatment.

Crowns and veneers no longer require temporaries or return visits – everything is done in a single appointmentWithin as little as an hour, you can be on your way out the door with a fantastic, permanent smile.

“Nick’s skills as a dentist are exemplary such that, after having had a range of treatments, including a crown and a tooth implant, I am totally satisfied.”

Dr. L. T. (St. Albans & Spain)
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