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Welcome to our new dentist, Faye!

We are delighted to announce that Faye Holleworth will be offering general dentistry on Fridays from July 2024. So contact us now while we have new appointments available.

Preventation, guidance and encouragement

We monitor the health of your gums very closely, minimising the chances of gum disease occurring from an early age; it also helps us manage advanced cases more effectively. We do not accept that people become “long in the tooth” as they grow older. The aim is to stop this largely preventable disease occurring from the outset.

Tooth decay is an infectious disease caused by microbes (often bacteria). We recognise that “filling holes” does not eliminate the disease – in the same way as cutting a lawn does not stop grass from growing. Preventing tooth decay is a critical part of the care of your mouth.

We assess the underlying causes of disease very carefully. We work out how frequently screens such as dental check-ups and routine dental x-rays should be offered, as well as determining the optimal day-to-day preventative regime to minimise any risks.

Prevention can help save teeth that would otherwise need to be removed. Saving teeth can simplify treatments, reducing the need for more complex work such as bridgework or implants.

Healthy teeth and gums look great, feel good and can help you smile with confidence.

Periodontal Therapy (Gums)

Both regular hygiene appointments and extensive periodontal therapies are available to help keep gum disease at bay. Sound periodontal health is the key to treating halitosis (bad breath) and is considered to be the foundation stone for a healthy mouth.

Good periodontal health can positively influence the general health of the body. Links have been demonstrated to cardiovascular health, pregnancy and the control of blood/glucose levels in those suffering from diabetes.

“My mother and I … have both undergone extensive dental work, check-ups and regular oral hygiene.
Dr. Socrates dentistry is excellent and combined with the care and attention from all the staff – visiting the Practice is always a great pleasure.”

J. D. R. C. (Meadle & Majorca)
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